importance of gangajal in hindu community, All about gangajal of prayag traveni sangam of ganga yamuna and saraswati ganga jal of holy city kumbh mela holy city allahabad,अंतिम संस्कार,पूजा,गंगाजल,गंगाजल की खरीद,गंगाजल मिलता है, गंगाजल यहाँ से ख़रीदे ,मुफ्त में तुरंत गंगाजल प्राप्त करे अपने घर या शहर में

| The Gangajal |

The Sangam Gangajal is in its purest and existing form. Filling & Packaging of Sangam Gangajal is done at the Allahabad, Prayag, Triveni, Sangam (confluence of three rivers - the Ganga, the Yamuna and mythical Saraswati )

The Sangam Gangajal is kept untouched from human hands. Gangajal is not treated artificially/chemically in the whole pressing procedure, so that its sacredness is not spoilt.

Our constant endeavor to deliver divine Sangam Gangajal at the door step of every Hindu community across the globe without making any profit out of it. We do not sell Sangam Gangajal. The charges incurred are for packaging & shipping only.

No ritual of Hindu community is completed without Gangajal. Gangajal is the integral part of Hindus' lives from Birth to Death that is the reason we are devoted to provide Gangajal –The holy water with you and everywhere throughout the world to hold our human advancement and society alive.

Ganga not only holds great spiritual and cultural significance, but her unique, natural characteristics have made her a fascinating subject of study for many scientific inquiries. A container or vial of sacred water from Sangam ,(confluence of three rivers - the Ganga, the Yamuna and mythical Saraswati) known as Gangajal, can be found faithfully stored in most Hindu homes, and this water has often been observed to remain fresh for long periods of time. These observations and many other healing qualities that Ganga is believed to possess are not purely faith-based beliefs, but rather have now been supported by much scientific evidence and research.

Just healing the body is not enough. Holistic healing includes giving treatment to the mind as well as soul. These words come from a doctor who introduces himself as a spiritual scientist. He believes Ganga water has celestial powers.
Ganga jal can bring peace, spirituality and internal strength to everyone's mind and body and this is the prime reason millions of devotees come here during Maha Kumbh not only to take a holy dip but also to carry with them Ganga jal from Sangam,

"We need both medicines and blessings of Ganga in the form of its water to recover and progress in our lives."